AS 266 Grain Sorghum


  • True cream with consistent performance
  • Attractive plant with superb standability and plant uniformity
  • Top end yield potential under dryland and irrigation
  • Not recommended where downy mildew is a problem

 Plant Characteristics

Maturity Group                      Medium Full

Days to Maturity                   100-105

Days to 50% Anthesis         80-85

Plant Color                            Purple

Grain Color                           Cream

Plant Height                          45”-50”

Head Type                             Semi-open

Avg. Seeds per lb.                13,000

 Agronomic Characteristics

Pre-Flower Stress Tol.         7

Standability                           9

Head Extension                   9

Threshability                         7

Tillering Capacity                 Mod.

Head Smut                            7

Fusarium                               7                                  Yield Range

Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus 9                                  160-200 Bushels per Acre

Downy mildew –Pathotype 1            2

Greenbug Resistance         Biotypes C,D

 Placement Ratings

Yield for Maturity                  8

Yield Non-Irrigated              8

Yield Irrigated                       7

Drill Culture                          8

 Rating Scale

1 Poor              2-3 Fair             4-5 Good

6-7 Very Good  8-9 Excellent

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