Lawn Turf

Our primary focus at the Arrow Seed Co., Inc. is to provide our customers with high quality seed of high quality varieties. Whether you are purchasing turf, pasture, or conservation grass we understand seed is a long-term investment meant to persist many years. We work closely with University personnel and seed certifying agencies, and use NTEP data to provide up to date and appropriate information and products to our customer. Please look over the descriptions of the turfgrass mixes listed below, a more detailed description of each mix may be found by clicking on the name. Each mixture has a ‘best use’ and one or more of these mixes may fit your needs. If you have questions about the best product to use on any given site, or to order seed,  please use the Contact Us button or just call. We will be glad to help.

Lawn Seeding Tips

5 Star Bluegrass
Five Star is The Top Ranking Bluegrass Blend. A blend of five of the best varieties on the market today, Five Star is selected and blended for superior dar
Countryside IV Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
Countryside IV Bluegrass Countryside IV is workhorse blend of elite bluegrass varieties makes this mix an all around winner.  Giving you premium quality t
Countryside IVR Mix
90% Countryside IV Blend plus 10% Perennial ryegrass for quicker establishment, and erosion protection. Seeding Rate:  2 to 4 lbs. per 1,000 sq. feet. Cli
Fairways Blues Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
Fairway Blues is a blend of the best low mowing tolerant bluegrass varieties available. These varieties have excelled in the NTEP Trials at 1/2 inch cut. I
EZ Green Plus Turf Mixture
This popular mix is 90% EZ Green Perennial ryegrass Blend plus 10% Fairway Blues Bluegrass Blend. Excellent for introducing new, low-mowing tolerant bluegr
EZ GREEN GLSR Perennial Ryegrass Blend
This is a blend of five top fairway grade perennials with excellent Grey Leafspot Resistance. They also retain the overall excellent quality rating expecte
Dura Turf Tall Fescue Blend
DuraTurf DuraTurf isn’t just another low maintenance fescue blend, it’s the premier low maintenance blend! It fits well in most low maintenance
Dura Turf +2 Turf Mixture
This is a great mix for sports turf such as soccer and softball, or used as a durable park or home lawn turf. Consists of 88% DuraTurf Turf-type Tall fescu
Sports Turf Mixture
Rapid recovery and high traffic tolerance highlight this aggressive mixture of 70% Kentucky bluegrass and 30% Perennial ryegrass and makes this mixture a g
All Purpose Turf Mixture
Fine quality turf for use on home lawns, parks, and school grounds at an economical price. Very good shade tolerance with acceptable density and color. Goo
Econo Turf mix
Econo-Turf Mixture can be used on home lawns, parks, school grounds or industrial grounds. This mix consists of 55% Bluegrass, 25% Perennial Ryegrass and 2
Tuff N Nuff Turf Mixture
A mixture of short growing cool and warm season grasses. This hardy low maintenance mix will require little or no mowing depending on the site requirements
Sundancer Buffalograss
Sundancer Buffalograss   Sundancer Buffalograss is the fastest establishing, darkest green, most drought tolerant, and most widely adapted buffalograss on
Cody Buffalograss
Cody Buffalograss has become the standard by which buffalograss is measured, having established itself as a premier warm season turfgrass. Faster establish
Bowie Buffalograss
Developed specifically for turf quality, Bowie will have a medium green color, fine bladed texture, good turf density, and a low growth habit. Improved lat
Contractor Turf Mix
This 60% bluegrass, 40% perennial ryegrass mix will start quickly, then perform for many years. The bluegrasses forming the backbone of this mix are diseas