Ameristand 318TQ

This traffic tested high yielding, good quality variety will yield 3+ cuttings of great alfalfa hay on less intensively managed fields and long rotations.  Ameristand 318TQ als has large deep seated crowns, fine stems, abundant leaf mass and large energy storing roots promoting higher yields.  DRI 30, Fall Dormancy 4.4, Winterhardiness 1.8

Researchers confirm that wheel traffic from harvesting equipment causes damage to alfalfa plants by opening wounds in the crown, which leads to the invasion of diseases, weakens the plant’s ability to survive winter stress, and can reduce yields by as much as 70 percent.
University comparisons show that Traffic Tested® varieties produce an average 7.7 percent more yield under wheel traffic than conventional varieties.
Selected under traffic stress and aggressive cutting schedules, Traffic Tested® genetics provide:

  • Unique plant types with larger, deep-seated crowns, finer stems, greater leaf mass and more crown bud activity
  • Crown Comparison 30 percent larger roots that store up to 70 percent more energy, promoting higher yields over the life of the stand
  • Advanced seedling disease resistance gets a stand off to a fast, strong start
  • High resistance to Phoma crown rot, the “Traffic Disease”

Ameristand 318TQ Tech Sheet