Planting date: March through April, for growth through early
spring and early summer months.
Cropping rotation: Corn, soybeans or wheat
SoilBuilder Spring Mixes include these cool-season
species*: spring oats, spring triticale, spring barley, forage
rapeseed, forage and field peas
Grasses: 60% Brassica: 30% Legume: 10%
Seeding rate:
• 50 lbs per acre for ground cover
• 100 lbs or more for a grazing resource or hay crop
*Flax added west of US Hwy 83

Benefits of SoilBuilder spring mixes:
• Perfect for seeding following corn or soybeans and ahead of planting winter wheat
• Features an ideal ratio of grasses, brassicas and legumes to keep the soil covered, intact and in good condition
• Stimulates microbial activity, conserves soil moisture and prepares the seedbed for fall wheat seeding
• Works well in a corn rotation provided it can be seeded in very early spring and corn planting is later
• Can be used for rotational grazing programs or hay

A separate spring mix for a soybean rotation features grasses and brassicas that get beneficial soil organisms off to a good start and prepare the soil ahead of soybean
planting. Contact your Arrow Seed dealer for details.