ProAct™ Foliar

ProAct™ is a harpin protein based Plant Health Regulator (PHR) for V2-V6 Corn and R1-R2 Soybeans. A Plant Health Regulator (PHR) differs from a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) in that a PHR is a protein that activates growth and defense genes, a PGR is a chemical or hormone that is applied to manipulate plant growth.  Harpin induced growth is the result of receptors responding as if the plant is under attack from a pathogen. This means the plant will bulk up its defense systems, such as increased growth, increased disease resistance, and drought tolerance, resulting in higher yields!


An added bonus is that crops treated with ProAct are less attractive to nematodes, which can have a huge impact on plant health and yield.

Since ProAct is not a product absorbed by a plant, or residual, there is no detectable residues of Harpin Protein within hours of application. ProAct is also rain-fast after 30 Minutes, or after it has dried.

There have also been no cases of phototoxicity or crop injury on plants that have been sprayed with ProAct.

ProAct™ is completely soluble and can be tank mixed with Glyphosate and most other post-emergent herbicides. Corn yield increased 7.1 bu/A and Soybean yield increased 4 bu/A in trials.

ProAct™ Technical Data Sheets:

ProAct Corn

ProAct V2-V6 Corn

ProAct + Stobilurins

ProAct Label


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