Multi Cut

Best use is for pasture or hay. Sorghum x Sudan combines the leafiness of forage sorghums, and the re-groth of the sundangrass coss.  BMR types are more palatable for grazing with less fiber and less feeding waste.  Harvest before heading is critical to feed quality, tonnage, and re-growth. Use Sorghum-Sudan for freeze down grazing only after the plant is completely dead.

Pasture: Start grazing at 24”, maintain under 36” and above 4”.
Hay: 36” to 48” tall, before heading for optimum quality. Cut at 3-4” to break crown dormancy and maximize tillering for regrowth.

Sudangrass will be the safest summer pasture and lower prussic acid risk than Sorghum-Sudan hybrid.

Hybrid Pearl Millet can be used as summer pasture or hay crop. Low prussic acid and the only summer forage safe for pasturing horses.


Teff Grass
Teff grass is a low input warm season annual grass. Does well under dry conditions and irrigated situations as well. Use as a summer pasture, or cut it for
1st CHOICE BMR – Sorghum Sudan
    Offers tremendous flexibility to producers Leader in brown midrib sorghum-sudangrasses Multi-purpose forage with excellent regrowth and recov
HAY N GRAZE – Sorghum Sudan
Exceptional Sweetness Cut above other full season forage sorghums Large stems provide excellent resistance to lodging Retains large dark green leaves throu
GRAZEX BMR – Sorghum Sudan
Early Season Vigor  Multi-purpose forage with excellent regrowth and recovery  BMR Quality improves livestock utilization and weight gains  High Yieldin
GRAZEX III – Sorghum Sudan
Grazex III is best used for summer pasture or hay crop. Grazex III planted early in the summer can be hayed twice or maybe used as a hay crop during the pr
HONEY GRAZE BMR – Sorghum Sudan
Brown Midrib Trait helps increase animal’s consumption of more digestible material which translates to more meat and milk per unit consumed. Outstanding
HONEY GRAZE V – Sorghum Sudan
Leader for Haying or Grazing Full season conventional sorghum-sudangrass High tonnage potential with excellent forage quality Higher protein and digestabil
SWEET SUNNY SUE – Sorghum Sudan
Piper Sudangrass is the safest summer pasture in the SAF line. Lower prussic acid than Sorghum-Sudan hybrid. Great for creating forage crops in feed pens a
ELITE II – Hybrid Pearl Millet
Elite II Hybrid Pearl Millet is a medium tall growing Hybrid Pearl Millet that will reach a height of 6-8.5 feet under optimum growing conditions. It also