Single Cut

Single cut forages are best use is for hay, bundle feed or winter freeze down grazing, These plants have improved leafiness and excellent yield potential. Male sterile types will produce non-viable or sterile seed unless planted with a pollinator. Foxtail Millets and Cane varieties will produce a viable seed head.

SUG R BALE – Hybrid Sweet Sorghum (Male Sterile)
Exceptional Sweetness Cut above other full season forage sorghums designed for high quality producers Juicy sweet fine stems recover rapidly from harvest a
SUG R BALE BMR – Hybrid Sweet Sorghum (Male Sterile)
Sweet BMR - Palatable Choice for Cattle This BMR hybrid has exceptional sweetness and is a cut above other full season forage sorghums. The stems are large
CANEX – Hybrid Sweet Sorghum (Male Sterile)
CANEX BMR – Hybrid Sweet Sorghum (non male sterile)
A Brown midrib forage sorghum hybrid with good grain production used for silage and hay, this BMR boasts the significant yield advantages of a leafy 7-8 fo
SWEET N RED – Hybrid Sweet Sorghum (Male Sterile)
RED TOP + BMR – Hybrid Sweet Sorghum (Male Sterile)