Spring Seeded SoilBuilder™ Mixes

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March to early April is the time for Spring Seeded SoilBuilder™ mixes as well as Spring Small Grains for hay or grazing to provide additional forage resources.  

There are several Cool season SoilBuilder™ mixes for spring planting that can and would meet most growers’ resource concerns.

The SoilBuilder™ SPRING HAY MIX works in place of traditional single species planting with peas added for higher feed values, but can be used for cover cropping and Soil building.  This mixture can be grazed as well.

The SoilBuilder™ SPRING GRAZING BLEND is designed for the specific use of intensive grazing in the late spring and early summer, with regrowth until the warm season planting time.

The SoilBuilder™ SMALL GRAINS HAY MIX would make great grazing but could also be used just the same as a single species multi cut product. Also ask for options with annual ryegrass as well!

The SoilBuilder™ STANDARD MIX is designed for those that want an early ground cover, high diversity and Soil Building program. It will make great grazing which provides additional benefit when adequate biomass and carbon is left for ground cover.

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