Summer Seeded Soil Builder Mixes

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Mid May to August is the time to plant warm season forages, the opportunity to make the best use of warm season SoilBuilder Cover Crops as well as Summer Annual Forages abound with needs for hay and grazing have increased. As we look at soil conditions each year there are several reasons to supplement your forage program with forage or cover crop blends. Often native grass pastures are over grazed and have decreased soil health causing less certainty that they will hold out through the usual grazing season and producers may be looking for additional forage resources.

There are several warm season SoilBuilder mix options that can and will meet most growers’ resource concerns.

The SoilBuilder STANDARD MIX works for all situations for cover cropping and Soil building.  This mixture can be grazed as well. Please leave adequate biomass and carbon to maintain ground cover after grazing!

The Soilbuilder MID -SUMMER GRAZING BLEND is designed for the specific use of intensive grazing through mid to late summer, and with regrowth into the fall.

The SoilBuilder MULTI-CUT or HAY MIX would make great grazing but could also be used just the same as you would use a single species multi cut product.

The Soilbuilder SUMMER PLANT & WINTER GRAZE Mix is designed for stockpiled feed, to hold the best forage value into the late fall and winter.

The Soilbuilder WARM SEASON SILAGE BLEND make the best of tall high tonnage forages and add diversity of height and forage quality for increased standability.