Multi Cut

Best use is for pasture or hay. Sorghum x Sudan combines the leafiness of forage sorghums, and the re-groth of the sundangrass coss.  BMR types are more palatable for grazing with less fiber and less feeding waste.  Harvest before heading is critical to feed quality, tonnage, and re-growth. Use Sorghum-Sudan for freeze down grazing only after the plant is completely dead.

Pasture: Start grazing at 24”, maintain under 36” and above 4”.
Hay: 36” to 48” tall, before heading for optimum quality. Cut at 3-4” to break crown dormancy and maximize tillering for regrowth.

Sudangrass will be the safest summer pasture and lower prussic acid risk than Sorghum-Sudan hybrid.

Hybrid Pearl Millet can be used as summer pasture or hay crop. Low prussic acid and the only summer forage safe for pasturing horses.