Sundancer Buffalograss

Sundancer Buffalograss

The newest release from the Native Turf Group in cooperation with the University of Nebraska.  Released in July of 2014, it truly is the “Hottest Buffalograss Under The Sun” and is the most advanced turf type available to the turf industry today.  Compared to other seeded cultivars that were evaluated at eight geographically distinct locations, Sundancer established faster, had darker green color, and had better canopy density.

Strategic breeding efforts have catapulted Sundancer to one of the most broadly adapted varieties available today. Extreme Drought Tolerance makes Sundancer a great choice for areas with water restrictions or areas prone to drought conditions.  Also great for Low Maintenance  areas such as parks, golf course roughs, roadway medians and shoulders.

Residential plantings will result in thick, lush, green lawn that takes minimal input.

Seed in late spring to early summer when soil temps are 50 degrees or above.  

Seeding Rate: 2-3 lbs/1,000 sq ft on residential or golf courses, 1-2 lbs/1,000 sq ft on industrial sites, and 3-4 lbs /1,000 sq ft for soil stabilization.

Sundancer Tech Sheet

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