Pasture Grass

The following mixtures are designed with several functions in mind. They are excellent wildlife habitat; produce a variety of colors, textures, heights, and growth habit; and most would be very suitable to livestock grazing. The addition of wildflowers, forbs, or legumes can enhance the aesthetics and upland game habitat value of these grass mixtures

CP-42 Pollinator Habitat, EQIP, CRP
As commodity prices continue to decline, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Pollinator Habitat (CP42), as well as Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Custom Native Grass Mixes
  Habitat and Conservation mixes designed to match your sites’ environmental and use requirements. Factors to consider when selecting a mix may incl
Upland Pasture Mixture
Upland Pasture may be used for pasture, hay, or conservation. Very good nesting and brood rearing cover when legumes are included. Starts growth in early s
Wetland Pasture Mixture
Reclaim wasted lagoons. Establish vegetation for hay or habitat. Fair to good nesting and brood rearing qualities, good winter cover with light snow. Six s
Meadow Mixture
Pasture, hay or conservation use. Good upland game nesting and brood rearing qualities. Starts growth in early spring and is adapted to a range of sites an
Galloping Grass Pasture Mixture
Horse pasture mixture that focuses on a balance of grasses and legumes that are very palatable for horses. This mix uses new and improved varieties for bet
Shortgrass Prairie Mixture
This mixture of native grass will not get over three feet tall on most sites, and is adapted across a wide range of sites and soil conditions. It will be v
Plains Prairie Mixture
Mixture of native grasses and forbs with broad adaptation for upland sites. These grasses stand well for brood rearing and winter cover. The forbs attract
Sandhills Prairie Mixture
This native grass mixture is designed for sandy loam to very sandy soils. Because of low soil organic matter content and low soil moisture capacity, it is
Type “B” Mixture
This basic mixture is similar to the mix designed and used by the Nebraska Department of Roads.  A “natural” look created by the variety of colors and
Wheatgrass Irrigated Pasture Blend
Best suited to irrigation limited production. Provides excellent quality early spring and late fall grazing. The wheatgrasses do not recover from grazing a
Limited Irrigation Irrigated Grass Blend
Wheatgrasses are more tolerant of dry weather but are less productive in mid summer. This mixture will be most productive if given rest period in mid-summe
Old Faithful Irrigated Grass Blend
The Old Faithful Irrigated Grass mixture is designed to provide season long production. Meadow Brome and Orchardgrass help the production of this mix duri