Late Summer Mix for Cover or Grazing with Triticale

This Late Summer Program will fit your Management plans if:

  • Previous Crop was, Soybeans, or Corn
  • Planting Date for Cover Crop is August to Early September
  • My next crop rotation can go to Corn or Soybeans
  • You want the Winter annual and Annual Cover Crop Mix to use for Graze or ground cover.
  • You want to recycle nutrients and fix new nitrogen.
  • You can No-Till Drill the seed.
  • Have Not Applied a residual herbicide in the past 12 months.

This Mix Contains: ( % by Wt.) Winter Wheat 33.3%   Spring Triticale 33.3%    Winter Triticale 21.3%
Hairy Vetch 5.3%    Forage Rapeseed 2.7%    Purple Top Turnip 2.7%    Oil Seed Radish 1.3%

The Mix Diversity Content: Grass Type 52% Brassica 44% Legume 4%

Seeding Rates                   Lbs. per acre                     Seeds per acre
Soil Builder Rate                     75                                       1,697,000
Low density Rate                     56                                       1,272,750
Broadcast or Grazing Rate 113                                     2,545,500

Approximate Seeds Per Pound In Mix: 22,627







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