Mid-Summer Increased Diversity SoilBuilder Mix

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This  Mid Summer Increased Diversity SoilBuilder mix will fit your management plans if:
  • Current crop is in Oats or Wheat
  • Next crop rotation will go to Corn
  • You want the cover crop to terminate by freeze out
  • You can No-Till Drill seed into stubble
  • Have not applied a residual herbicide at spring top-dress

Our  SoilBuilder Mid Summer Increased Diversity Mix contains 15 different “ingredients”   This combination of  30% Brassicas, 25% Grass types, 17% Legumes, and other various seeds making up the other 28% of the mix you get the most benefit to your soil health.  This mix is outstanding at holding soil in place.  Brassicas break up compaction and the mix’s roots dive deep, creating channels that corn roots can easily follow.  This mix performs well through fall- so you know your soil is active and being fed for a longer period of time, and the extra boost of nitrogen – 50-100 pounds per acre average – will help your corn crop perform.  Come spring, the soil will firm up quicker after a rain because it is able to hold more water in the soil profile – allowing corn planting to get underway sooner than on bare ground.  When compared to eco-fallow, this cover crop saves fuel and chemical costs while reducing compaction and helping to rebuild the moisture profile over winter and into spring.

Planting Rates:

  • SoilBuilder Rate                          25lbs/Acre
  • Low Density Rate                       19 lbs/Acre
  • Broadcast or Grazing Rate      38 lbs/Acre
Planting Date:
  • June through Early August

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