Deer Delight

Arrow Seed Deer Delight Food Plot is a high protein annual seed mix deer will relish. Great for drawing and building strong bucks. Extremely high nutritional value and palatability for adding point to your trophy’s score. Plant mid spring for summer production and awesome fall and winter drawing power. If you are needing a lot of forage for the winter months this is a great source to hold deer on your property. This mix does need to be drilled due to bigger seed and better seed to soil content for germination and standability.

Mix includes : Turnips,Forage Peas, Forage Soybeans, and 2 varieties of Grain Sorghum

Planting Date: May 10 – June 10

Planting Depth: 1/4 to 1 inch

Planting Rate: 36lb. per Acre

Available in 1 Acre bags (36 lbs)

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