Frost Line




Frostline® will ensure that your herd will have adequate food during Fall and Winter months, which can be some of the hardest times on deer.  Deer will be attracted to Frostline due to the fact that this blend is composed of Highly digestible and nutritional forage which helps carry the herd through the cold winter months.  Mix includes: Purple Top Turnips, Rape Seed, Daikon Radish, Forage Pea, Winter Rye and Oats.

Available in 1 Acre Bags (59.5 lbs.)

Planting Date: August
Planting Depth: 1/4″ to 3/4″
Planting Rate: 60 lbs per Acre

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One thought on “Frost Line

  1. Tom Abbott says:

    I got a acre bag of Frost line at the Madison deer classic. I don’t have a drill to sew it with. I broadcast it and then used my small drill to cover it up. I then used a culapack to press the seed in. It has come up beautiful. The deer haven’t been hitting it that hard yet but hope they will soon. I will be getting another bag this year.

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