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Green Screen® Food Plot Screen mix is an annual seed mix that has the potential of growing up to 14 feet tall. The  genetics of the newer varieties of seed in this mix are substantially better than Egyptian Wheat with better standability into the winter months. There are many ways to utilize this very tall, very thick, food plot screen.

Green Screen® is a food plot screen that can be planted to use as a visual barrier along roads, access paths to stands, or around tripod stands. You can also nestle a ground blind into it, making the blind virtually disappear. Having a “Green Screen®” will help you get into the stand undetected.  Green Screen® can also be used to create funnels to direct deer to a certain area such as a food plot. With some planning, you can  plant in areas that you may want to place a ground blind later in the season. You may even want to plant Green Screen® around the perimeter of a food plot to make the herd feel secure while feeding.

Lethal Land Management explains why Green Screen® is a great choice in the video below:



Do NOT over plant green screen as planting more than the recommended rate will hinder the standability during the winter months.


For best results apply 25 pounds of Nitrogen at planting and then a 2nd application of  25 pounds of Nitrogen 30-45 days after germination. Note that the 2nd application is only required if adequate moisture is available. If dry conditions are present do not apply second application.

Planting date: June 1st or when soil temps are a minimum of 60 degrees.

Planting rate: 10 lbs per acre planted in 30” rows.

Planting depth: 1/2″ – 3/4″

Available in 1 Acre Bag (10 lbs)

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26 thoughts on “Green Screen

    • Don Burrows says:

      First I want to say I was very satisfied with this product. I’ve tried Egyptian wheat and switch grass and this stuff puts them to shame. Planted in sandy soil. The only negative issue was, it broke in half at the end of the season, after it died and turned gold. It still served a purpose but the height was cut in half. Not sure but thinking it was wind. It wasn’t snow.

  1. carter riecks says:

    So I would like to plant a strip of green screen at the top of a creek that is next to a field. The deer are feeding out in the field and I need a barrier between me and them. The only problem is the soil has spots that are sandy and rocky. How can I improve the soil for planting? Or is there anything else I can do to help out my problem? Thanks!

    • Arrow Seed
      Arrow Seed says:

      Green Screen consists of 3 varieties of sorghum that have been selected for good standability as well as varied height characteristics. If broadcasting, incorporating the seed into the soil is going to be key in getting a good stand. Do not plant Green Screen heavier than the recommended rate of 10 LBS/Acre.

    • Arrow Seed
      Arrow Seed says:

      Green Screen can be drilled but will need a smaller plate than a corn or bean plate. The key to getting a good stand of Green Screen is to not plant too heavy. If possible use a low rate sorghum plate/cup.

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    • Logan Girardin
      Logan Girardin says:

      you can use 2-4D AMINE (16oz/acre), or 2-4D ESTER (8oz/Acre) when the Green Screen is 5″ tall to early boot stage, and broadleaf weeds are 2″-6″. You can also dicamba (check rules and regulations on dicamba in your area) at a rate of 8oz/acre.

  4. glenn bragg says:

    What is the shelf life for this product not sure if i am going to get it planted this year, if bags are not opened will the product still be good to plant next year. What is the latest this product can be planted,Thank you.

    • Logan Girardin
      Logan Girardin says:

      Green Screen will be fine to hold until next year, as long as it is stored in a cool and dry place. Latest you would want to plant and still get adequate growth would be Mid-July

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