WGF Sorghum

WGF Sorghum is an early maturing grain sorghum that will reach 2 ½ — 3 feet in height. The attractive red seed becomes extremely palatable at maturity, and is readily consumed by quail, turkey, pheasant, prairie chickens, as well as migratory birds and deer. This variety holds the lower leaves well to provide good cover between rows which will hold birds tighter. Provides adequate winter food source as well as winter cover. Will reach Mid bloom in 43- 50 days and full Maturity in 85-100 days.

Planting Date: Late spring, early summer after soil temp 55 degrees, through June 20.
Planting Depth: 1/2″ to 1″.
Planting Rate: 5 to 7 lb./ acre in 20″ to 40″ rows 15-20 lb./ acre broadcast.

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