Alfalfa genetics from Arrow Seed make it possible to consistently produce a great crop. To get a healthy stand that resists disease. To grow alfalfa with high yields and outstanding nutritional value. It starts with the seed – high quality alfalfa seed from Arrow Seed. Arrow Seed has a complete lineup of alfalfas- not just one or two choices. So you can count on Arrow Seed to maximize the value of your alfalfa seed investment by matching genetics to your end use and your management practices. With Arrow Seed you have a seed partner who specializes in forages. It’s why we’re first in forage and have been since Arrow Seed began in the 1940′s.

HarvXtra Alfalfa
HarvXtra™ Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® technology is the industry’s first genetically enhanced alfalfa developed to maximize quality, compared to c
Hi-Gest 360 Alfalfa
HI-GEST 360  The First Low Lignin Dormant Alfalfa on the Market!  Whole plant lignin will be 7-10% lower than standard commercial varieties.  Allows cut
Ameristand 403T Plus
This Traffic Tested®, high yielding, good quality variety will yield 3-4 cuttings of great alfalfa hay.  Ameristand 403T Plus also has large deep-seated
Ameristand 455TQ RR
2nd Generation Genuity® Roundup Ready® Alfalfa from the America’s Alfalfa Traffic Tested®  Program is a high yielding, good quality variety yielding
Ameristand 427TQ
Very high yielding elite, Traffic Tested Varieties selected for superior forage quality. Fast recovery for intensive management. 427TQ will replace 407TQ a
Arapaho II
This dairy quality alfalfa was developed to persist and be productive in salty soils. Tolerant of pH approaching 8.4  It’s branded rooted trait keeps mo
Enhancer II
Picks up where Enhancer left off. Quick regrowth and excellent persistence. With a fine stem ,great disease and nematode resistance balanced with high fora
This Genuity Roundup Ready® Alfalfa is adapted to all areas where 3, 4, and 5 Fall dormancy varieties are planted. 428RR also features a disease index rat
Journey 372 HY Generation 2 Hybrid
This alfalfa variety is characterized by its aggressive growth of thick, leafy stands and fine stems.  This next generation hybrid offers consistent maxim
Legacy L-455HD Alfalfa
    L-455HD is an exceptionally high yielding and high quality Alfalfa with excellent digestibility from the Legacy Seeds alfalfa breeding progra
Big Red 3 or 4 Blend
This blend of high yielding winter hardy varieties rolls out bales like Nebraska offense rolls out yards.  Score big with a lower cost champion. Big Red 3

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