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Brassica Plus will provide sweet forage content after a period of frost, giving your deer herd a food source they can’t resist.  The addition of Annual Ryegrass  provides early forage giving the other species time to establish and also helps aids in planting just the right amount of brassicas so they can reach their maximum production capability .  Can be planted in the spring for high forage volume, or fall planted for higher quality forage.  Mix includes Hybrid Forage Brassica, Turnips, Rape Seed, Radish, and Annual Ryegrass.

Planting Dates:  May 1-June 1 or August

Planting Depth:  1/4″  (Broadcast and pack well)

Planting Rate:  7.25# per Acre

Brassica Plus 103013

Additional information

Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 6 in
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