SiloMor II BMR – Silage Sorghum (Non Male Sterile)

This hybrid is similar to SiloMor II to which the brown midrib trait has been added. Its high grain yield of 5000+lbs/ac on strong sturdy stems of 6 to 8 feet height makes the hybrid an outstanding silage performer. Because the hybrid has such a high grain to stover ratio, animal performance is excellent in both the feedlot and dairy. The protein content and total-digestible dry matter makes this a near perfect silage product.

  • Brown midrib silage sorghum hybrid
  • High grain yield potential
  • Intermediate tall plants with strong stems
  • Good standability and lodging resistance
  • Wide long leaves poised closely producing a dark, dense canopy for high leaf-stem ratio
  • Excellent tillering capacity and near simultaneous flowering of main and tiller panicles (good for harvesting at hard-     dough stage silage)
  • High green leaf retention
  • Large leaf number/excellent tillering/high grain yield + brown midrib = outstanding silage



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