Winter Wheat

Arrow Seed has long been a leader in producing and marketing small grains with an emphasis on hard red winter wheat. This position of leadership has been earned through extra care and professionalism in conditioning and marketing the latest improved varieties suited to the central plains.  Arrow Seed offers certified public, AgriPro, and WestBred varieties.

Why Plant Certified Seed Wheat?
• Planted with proven seed stock.
• Has passed field inspection for varietal purity, other crops and weeds.
• Seed is conditioned by approved plant maintaining varietal identity.
•Tagged with Laboratory analysis for germ, variety purity, noxious weeds and seed count.

Certified seed is one of the best management practices for producing high profit yields. Planting certified seed ensures high quality, weed-free seed with known germination and test weight. In addition, during the busy harvest and planting season, certified seed offers time savings and convenience due to careful conditioning.
Plug your numbers into this CERTIFIED SEED CALCULATOR (page 2 of document) to see how planting certified seed pays!

Variety Complementation
The proper choice of varieties is probably the most important tool that a producer has to help him spread his risks. Always plant at least three varieties with a range of genetics and maturities. Most importantly, always pick varieties that match specific soil conditions, management practices and off er the best protection from disease and problems common to your growing area.

Plant Variety Protection Act: All varieties listed are applied for or protected under Title V of PVPA and can only be sold as a class of certified seed by authorized producers and dealers.  This federal law grants plant breeders patent-like protection on any form of seed sale of protected varieties.  Arrow Seed, AgriPro Wheat, and WestBred will strictly enforce PVPA laws and will pursue all violations.

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SY Monument
This new  medium late maturity variety from AgriPro has good height, an excellent leaf disease package, good drought tolerance, good test weight and very
SY Sunrise
New Yield levels are on the horizon with AgirPro ‘s highest yielding irrigated what variety.  This high tillering, semi-dwarf plant has superior str
SY Rugged
Semi-dwarf, medium early maturing variety with high test weight, excellent foliar disease package and exceptional drought tolerance. Good tillering potenti
Robidoux is a hard red winter wheat developed cooperatively by the University of Nebraska and the USDA-ARS and co-released with the University of Wyoming.
Husker Genetics Ruth brand (NE10589) is awned, tan glumed cultivar that is moderately late in maturity. It is a semi-dwarf variety that is approximately 33
TAM 114
TAM 114 is a hard red winter wheat variety developed by Texas A & M University and licensed to AGSECO in 2014. TAM 114 has much better leaf disease res
Tam 111
TAM 111 from AgriPro has been a consistent top performer in the West. It has the strengths needed for the high plains environment combined with excellent
SY Wolf
SY Wolf has the combination of yield potential and agronomics growers have been looking for. A semi-dwarf variety with excellent straw strength, SY Wolf ha
WB Cedar
WB-Cedar is a hard red winter wheat variety that is broadly adapted to the Central and Southern Great Plains. It features excellent straw strength for dela
This is an exceptionally high yielding hard red winter variety with good test weight. Winterhawk emerges well and covers the ground quickly in the fall.
Husker Genetics Brand OVERLAND PVP is a hard red winter wheat cultivar developed cooperatively by Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station, the USDA-ARS an
Settler CL
Settler CL* is a semi-dwarf hard red winter wheat variety that carries tolerance to the imidazolinone class of herbicides. Settler CL has superior adapta
WB Grainfield
This WestBred Variety has medium late maturity and is adapted well to all of Nebraska, and a majority of Kansas (except for the southeast).  Well adapted
Brawl CL Plus
This newer two-gene Clearfield variety , Brawl CL Plus * has much better tolerance to Beyond herbicide than one-gene Clearfield varieties,  giving the pro
Byrd hard red winter wheat was developed by the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station and released to seed producers in August 2011. Byrd was released b

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