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At the conclusion of the Soil Health, Grazing, Cover Crops and No-Till Conference last week, Jay Fuhrer asked the group to list the reasons to plant a cover crop.  Awesome job to everyone for coming up with this great list of the positive benefits of using cover crops! 

Many thanks to Jay Fuhrer, Dr Mary Drewnowski, the producer panel, Rich Russell, and the great participation by the audience for making this a fantastic meeting!

One of the takeaways from the meeting were the reasons to plant a cover crop, shown below:



Soil Aggregates
Carbon into the soil
Weed Suppression
Prevent Wind/Water Erosion
Improve Infiltration
Reduce Compaction Layers
Food for the Microbes and Worms
Diversity ( Plant and Microbe)
Pollinator Habitat
Nutrients (Legumes)
Profit $
Create More Oxygen and Use up CO2
Improve Water Quality
Food & Home
Pests – restore balance and break pest cycles
Wildlife Habitat

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