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Improve your soil with SoilBuilder mixes!  Chose from several mixes to  provide additional grazing, hay, and forage resources while building your soil.  Visit with your local Arrow Seed dealer to learn more about these summer mixes!

  • SoilBuilder STANDARD MIX works for all situations for cover cropping and soil building. This mixture can be grazed as well.
  • Soilbuilder MID -SUMMER GRAZING BLEND is designed for the specific use of intensive grazing through mid to late summer, and with regrowth into the late fall.
  • SoilBuilder MULTI-CUT or HAY MIX would make great grazing but could also be used just the same as a single species multi-cut product.
  • SoilBuilder SUMMER PLANT & WINTER GRAZE is designed for stock piled feed.
  • SoilBuilder WARM SEASON SILAGE BLENDS make the best of tall, high tonnage forages and add diversity of height and forage quality with increased standability.

Not sure which mix fits best? Fill out this simple form and we will make a recommendation based on the information you give us:
 Cover Crop Recomendation Request

Better Yields, Improved Soil
Increased yields and higher economic returns on future crops are the ultimate goals for your acres. Building your soil by planting SoilBuilder Cover Crops and using diverse crop rotations along with grazing programs are the best way to achieve these goals and improve your soil’s health. SoilBuilder mixes use a diverse group of plant species and types, all occupying different places in the canopy and soil profile, working synergistically to build soil structure, organic matter and the most rapid improvement in the land’s ability to support future crops and generations of producers.

The Right Mix
Our mix design for multiple species and diversity includes the four key plant species.
When appropriate use all four:
• Warm-season grass plants
• Cool-season grass plants
• Warm-season broadleaves
• Cool-season broadleaves
SoilBuilder mixes include a mix of grass plants, brassicas
and legumes that are known for establishing themselves
quickly. We balance the species in our mixes to maximize
their synergy and create the best solution to specific cover
cropping goals.

Our mix designs follow the seasons in which you choose to seed the cover crop.  We start wiht cool-season species for the early spring planting dates of March through April.  Warm season species are the best choice for planting in May through August.  Cool-season species with winter annuals are used from mid-August through October.

Dr Ray Ward of Ward Laboratories  states ” One percent organic matter contains about 1,200 pounds of nitrogen, 345 pounds of phosphorus and 150 pounds of sulfur per acre” .   The Arrow Seed company has formulated several different SoilBuilder cover crop mixtures for different crop rotations to benefit your soil.

Arrow Seed developed its SoilBuilder cover crop blends to provide the most benefit to the soil, its biological system, and to the next crop in your rotation. We are big on performance and believe that clean, quality seed, with blends matched to the growing season, provides
the most benefit to our customers.

Our SoilBuilder cover crop mixes are rigorously examined at leading labs for noxious weeds to ensure they are free from those and other impurities found in “bin run” seed. Each variety in our mixes is tested for outstanding germination rates and combined
they provide a tremendous boost in the water handling capabilities of your soil. The soil holds more water yet firms up faster than bare ground so it is more quickly ready for planting—all while reducing soil erosion.

Since it was founded in Nebraska in 1946, Arrow Seed has put a priority on seed quality and the science and know-how behind the products we offer. For SoilBuilder cover
crops, our knowledge, experience and network of dealer locations are there to assist
you beyond the SoilBuilder mix selection to ensure the success of your efforts to protect
and improve your soil.

 Arrow Seed SoilBuilder Brochure