We offer mix options through the season to match your goals and needs. As we move into late-season plantings, the mix is adjusted to include winter annuals.
Planting Date: August, September and into October
Cropping rotation: Corn or crop of your choice
SoilBuilder Cool-Season Mixes can include the following:
Winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye, annual ryegrass,
spring oats, spring triticale, turnip, radish, forage rapeseed,
flax, other oil seeds, forage or winter peas, hairy vetch, balansa
clover, alfalfa
Seeding rate: Depends on your goals. Used at early planting date for an
early winter grazing resource or ground cover. Seeding rates increase for late plantings that can be used for spring grazing.

This mix is typically drilled on silage ground or air seeded over
mature corn prior to the final irrigation. It can be air seeded
on soybean ground prior to leaf drop or immediately after
soybean harvest.

Benefits of the SoilBuilder cool-season mix:
• Greens up quickly to get well established ahead of a hard
• Keeps beneficial organisms active into late fall
• Biomass and root structure helps hold soil in place and capture
moisture through the fall and into spring
• Brassicas combat compaction while the mix as a whole
encourages stover to break down more quickly
• Legumes provide a helpful shot of nitrogen