Arrow Seed inventory includes more than 100 varieties of wildflowers, many of which are used in CRP and CSP specified mixes.  The following are some of our more popular wildflower mixes which lend beautiful color to both commercial and residential landscapes. Individual wildflower varieties are also available.

Please call us at 800-622-4727 or email info@arrowseed to order!


Arrow Xeriscape Wildflower Mixture
Designed for the arid conditions and sites West of Highway 81 in Nebraska. Nice combination of annuals, biennials, and perennials with low water requiremen
Arrow 1/2 Pint Wildflower Mixture
Showy, shorter version of the Arrow Prairie Wildflower Mixture with a great variety of colors including Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, and Pink. Under g
Arrow Prairie Wildflower Mixture
Attractive multi-color display of flowers will bloom from spring through fall. A mixture of annual, biennial, and perennial wildflowers with about 16% bloo
Arrow Annual Wildflower Mixture
Superior first year bloom, use by itself for an easy quick wildflower patch or to enhance fading perennial stands or add interest in new perennial planting

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